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REPLAY UPDATE"RE-PLAY - the beginnings of international media-art in Austria" was the title of an exhibition, which took place at the Generali Foundation in
Vienna from May to August 2000. Kunstradio coproduced the audio-part of this exhibition and presents it on line where it offers an overview about tendencies of sound- and radio-art in the 70s.
Inspired by the on site and on line-exhibition, radio artists realised a new series of projects relating to concepts and attitudes of the 70s. The open-ended series was produced by Kunstradio under the title "RE-PLAY UPDATE".

Background Image Credit:
Ian Murray: Study for Towards a Northern Service: Radio 1976 - 1978 One from a series of 4 photocollagepanels. Each 20"x24", created during the production of Study Towards a Northern Service: Radio
a project by ORF Kunstradio