Broadcast Series on the History of radio art

September 5th - October 17th, 2004

English | German

Kunstradio - Radiokunst
Sundays, 11:05 p.m.

Radio as space, context, and content of art
A series in 7 sequels on ORF Kunstradio.

This broadcast series, compiled by Heidi Grundmann and Andrea Sodomka, offers a survey on ORF Kunstradio's historical production conditions, and therewith on important approaches within radio art, illustrated with incisive examples.

Besides highlights from the history of international radio art such as radio projects of the Italian Futurists, Ruttmann's "Weekend", Orson Welles' "War of the Worlds", Antonin Artaud's "Pour en finir avec le judgement de dieu", or essential contributions of Austrian authors to a radiophonic art (Gerhard Rühm a.o.), this series also presents and comments on some of ORF Kunstradio's exemplary projects from the 1980s and 1990s.

Part 1: "The Drama of Distances"

Part 2: "Words in Freedom"

Part 3: "Sounding Objects"

Part 4: "Simultaneity"

Part 5: "An Art Lacking of Time and Space"

Part 6: "Communication Apparatuses"

Part 7: "La Radia"

These programmes will remain available on line also after their broadcasting as part of an extensible historical compendium providing pursuing links on RADIO AS SPACE, CONTEXT, AND CONTENT OF ART.