The Long Night of Radioart 2004

19:30 - 24:00 (+1 GMT)
Radiokulturhaus Wien
Sky Medialoft, AEC Linz


Streams from: Baltimore, Berlin, Hamburg, London, Mexico City, Montréal, New York City, Tokio, Vancouver, Weimar, and others...


19:30 - 6:00 (+1 GMT)
on Radio Ö1, Austria and digital via Satellite, first time in dolby 5.1

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Radiation - open air begins

19:30 - 19:33

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Sounds from the soundinstallation using shortwave radio "Radiation" located infront of the RadioKulturhaus in Vienna for tonight's event of the Great Re-Inventing Radio Show open up the on air version of RE-INVENTING RADIO.

RADIATION concentrates on short wave radio - the wave-lengths used bysecurity/espionage agencies, national propaganda/information stations and amateur radio operators. Many short wave transmissions are received as bursts of coded or scrambled signal - morse, fax or image transmissions and secret commercial or political data. The short wave spectrum contains every human language and every kind of music. Short wave signals are often distorted by atmospheric conditions, bursts of electro-magnetic activity on the Sun, interference from other transmitters or local static - with shortwave radio it is radio itself that is in the foreground.

The sounds from four short wave radio receivers, each tuned to a different source, are fed into an amplifier and distributed to four loudspeakers installed about 400 cm apart and 3 meters high. A computer program controls the receivers so that they are always tuned to active and interesting sources.



Robert Adrian
Norbert Math