The Long Night of Radioart 2004

19:30 - 24:00 (+1 GMT)
Radiokulturhaus Wien
Sky Medialoft, AEC Linz


Streams from: Baltimore, Berlin, Hamburg, London, Mexico City, Montréal, New York City, Tokio, Vancouver, Weimar, and others...


19:30 - 6:00 (+1 GMT)
on Radio Ö1, Austria and digital via Satellite, first time in dolby 5.1

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Resonance: your friendly radio from London ON AIR

21:50 - 21:59

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Resonance104.4fm, London's first art radio station presents five pieces by fine exponents of their regular pool of radio artists:

In no particular order:
- Kump Agro a location specific live performance by playwright Julia Lee Barclay and radio artist Sarah Washington
- Loot a 5.1 surround sound piece by Michael Kosmides based on his interviews with a doctor of a looted hospital in war stricken Bagdad
- A failed attempt at a serious piece of Radio Art by otherwise laptopper Chris Weaver with the disturbance of his flatmate Dimitri
- Two dot-matrix Printers Printing Pornography Being Tormented by Twigs and Bits of Trees and Excerpt from the Hellebore Shew by Resonance wunderkind Dan Wilson.
All of that mixed up by Harmon E. Phraisyar, that person who should never be let loose at the controls ...

Contributions by: Sarah Washington, Julia Lee Barclay, Dan Wilson, Chris Weaver and Michael Kosmides, mix: Harmon E. Phraisyar


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Harmon E. Phraisyar
Sarah Washington
Julia Lee Barclay
Dan Wilson
Chris Weaver
Michael Kosmides