The Long Night of Radioart 2004

19:30 - 24:00 (+1 GMT)
Radiokulturhaus Wien
Sky Medialoft, AEC Linz


Streams from: Baltimore, Berlin, Hamburg, London, Mexico City, Montréal, New York City, Tokio, Vancouver, Weimar, and others...


19:30 - 6:00 (+1 GMT)
on Radio Ö1, Austria and digital via Satellite, first time in dolby 5.1

ON-SITE | Artist

Roberto Paci Dalò

Italian composer/musician, director, artist and writer. He has been trained in music, visual arts/architecture. He currently lives in Rome and Rimini and lived in Berlin. In 1993 DAAD Fellowship. Artistic director of Giardini Pensili, performing arts company and media lab created in 1985. A pioneer in the use of digital technologies and telecommunication in art, Paci Dalò wrote, composed and directed about 20 music-theatre works internationally presented.
Parallel to this, is the creation of instrumental & electroacoustical compositions, films & videos, installations (often site specific), and radio & telematic works mostly produced - since 1989 - with Kunstradio. 1991-1998 curator of "L'Arte dell'Ascolto" the international radio + art festival created with Kunstradio and RAI Audiobox. In 1993 he invented "Publiphono" using the 20 km Rimini beach public adress system for the creation of a series of environmental audio performances. In 1995 creation of Radio Lada - web art radio. 1999-2001 curator of "Itaca: the electronic stage of the Teatro di Roma". 1997-2001 professor of Media Dramaturgy at the University of Siena.
Collaborations include: Kronos Quartet, Philip Jeck, David Moss, Scanner, Terry Riley, Predrag Matvejevic', Gabriele Frasca, Jean-Marc Montera, Peter Courtemanche, Maurizio Cattelan, Luca Ruzza, Giorgio Agamben, Robert Adrian X.
Body of collaborations with architects, city planners, designers on projects about and within cities and urban spaces.

2004 projects include: "Italia anno zero" staged concert in collaboration with Olga Neuwirth (Wien Modern / Budapest Autumn Festival), "Petroleo/México" on-line/on-site/on-air (Bienal de la radio México City), "Scala temporale" sound/ video installation in collaboration with Paolo Rosa / Studio Azzurro (Bozen), "Dust" official selection 57. Locarno international film festival. His latest CD is "In Two Worlds" released by the brand new L'Arte dell'Ascolto label.

2005 projects include: "Kol Beck - Living Strings" radio work commissioned by WDR Studio Akustische Kunst Cologne, "The Lost Tape" staged concert for string quartet and sampler (Musiques nouvelles Mons), "Kolot" (Montévidéo Marseille), "Xeno" book and CD in collaboration with Oreste Zevola (Edizioni D'If), "City Works / 1984-2004" touring exhibition and book/CD about his projects on urban spaces and soundscape.



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