The Long Night of Radioart 2004

19:30 - 24:00 (+1 GMT)
Radiokulturhaus Wien
Sky Medialoft, AEC Linz


Streams from: Baltimore, Berlin, Hamburg, London, Mexico City, Montréal, New York City, Tokio, Vancouver, Weimar, and others...


19:30 - 6:00 (+1 GMT)
on Radio Ö1, Austria and digital via Satellite, first time in dolby 5.1

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19:30 - 00:00

Klangtheater, RadioKulturhaus, Vienna

ROADMOVIE - Matt Smith (CA) Video, 67 min. 

In October 2002 Matt Smith and Arvind Thadhani purchased a 1974 Dodge Dart for $400cdn and drove from Vancouver, B.C. to Brooklyn,N.Y. spending time with friends and family along the way. On the way back they travelled directly from Brooklyn to Winnipeg, in order to participate in the send+receive Festival of Sound 2002. From there they drove, again directly, back to Vancouver. These recordings of these two long, nearly uninterrupted drives were combined into a 67 minute time-lapse video that was captured by connecting a camera in the back window to a laptop, which in turn, captured a still image every 2 seconds. The visual component of Roadmovie is the unedited animation of these 117004 still images, played back at a rate of 30 per second, resulting in the compression of one hour of driving into one minute of animation.

Soundtrack and radioversion:
FirstFlooRadio  (Andy Hunter & Matt Smith) already had a commission for a radio work involving audio from the trip. Arvind and Matt had created a rudimentary sound-track along the way using various materials, including samples from the car radio, cds recommended by people they met aswell as downloaded audio of all varieties. Then, together with Sandra Wintner, they created a completely fresh audio-track, loosely based on the impressions and moods recorded in the previous version. From this audio-track a denser and more elaborate version was created for the radioversion to be broadcast by Kunstradio.
 A particular focus was on conveying a sense of travelling coast-to-coast in current (October 2002) North America. Samples from talk-radio shows, advertising, films and news programs were taken from original video footage Matt and Arvind had shot during the trip in the car, which was only equipped with an AM radio. Together with material created and selected in post-production, the radio version and the longer and distinctly more subdued soundtrack version for the video, were produced.




Matt Smith