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AUDIOMOBILE is a project for mapping cities with sound. Version 0.1 has been created in september 2003, during a group residency at Western Front Society  in Vancouver. Since then it has been adapted for the different cities and also for Linz, Austria during the Ars Electronic festival in 2004.

AUDIOMOBILE invited for exploration of "sonic maps" by physically riding through the city Linz in a Mini-Van equipped with surround-sound and GPS (Global Positioning System) technology.

INDIVIDUAL audio elements were triggered by matching the output coordinates of the GPS system (specially installed for the project) with the geographical location of the van as it glided through Linz.
As a result, an array of audio samples, sound clips collaged with looping ambiences and complete narratives, generated an everchanging audio "city scape" projected into the audiomobile.

The position of the car determines which sounds were being played and from which direction (loudspeaker) they originated. This allowed sounds to be perceived as emanating from a certain area in Linz, becoming softer or louder depending on the distance of the Audiomoible from the mapped areas.

In cooperation with electrolobby - Ars Electronica Festival 2004.

Supported by Canada Council  and BKA Kunstsektion.


Hosted by:



Matt Smith
Sandra Wintner