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Radio Astronomy

The Time Machine

Three of the projects in the ELECTROLOBBY of the ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL 2004  were proposed  by Ö1-KUNSTRADIO.
They can be considered as innovative contributions to the current discussion on "Expanded Radio Art".  All of the artists involved in these projects have produced radio-art projects with KUNSTRADIO before. They will also be part of other chapters of RE-INVENTING RADIO II.
The projects will be accessible on site via the ELECTROLOBBY at the Brucknerhaus in Linz from Sept 3rd to Sept 7th 2004. 

AUDIOMOBILE  is a project for mapping cities with sound-utilizing GPS technology
by Artist Run Limousine Collective.
Matt Smith (CAN) and Sandra Wintner (A) with Markus Binder, Maex Decker, Claus Harringer, Dietrich Killer, Peter Kulev, Ushi Reiter, Andrea Sodomka, etc

RADIO ASTRONOMY is an art and science project which broadcasts sounds intercepted from space live on the internet and on the airwaves
by r a d i o q u a l i a, Honor Harger and Adam Hyde (NZ)

The Time Machine a sound installation dedicated to the time aspect of what we call «real time transmission» by  Aleksandar Vasiljevic  (Serbien and Montenegro)