n e t s o u n d s

audio miniatures for the World Wide Web
an audio gallery
a magazine for musicians, music lovers and passers-by
an archive of sound works from Austria and abroad

presented by: Mathias Fuchs


Please send your own contributions to:
ORF Kunstradio,
Argentinierstraße 30a
A-1030 Wien

In order to listen to the n e t s o u n d s your computer need to be equipped with a soundchip or a soundcard as the SoundBlaster or the like. Your Web-Browser must have a helper application for .AIFF files or for .WAV files. (You may like to try that out before continuing, by clicking the underlined words .AIFF files or .WAV files respectively.)

  • If you have not yet installed a helper application you can do so by activating the OPTIONS menu of your browser, submenu PREFERENCES, and then enter the correct programme as an audio helper application for .aiff or .wav files.

  • Die Einstellungen zu den Helper Applications finden Sie im PREFERENCES Menü.

  • In case you don't have such a sound player programme, please help yourself at the ftp-site specified underneath. You will find appropriate software for your Macintosh, Next or PC compatible computer. Try: ftp://kunstradio.mhsg.ac.at

n e t s o u n d s are available from Rockenschaub, Langheinrich, Ujvary, Gross amongst many others ...

n e t s o u n d s