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A personal investigation of the radio frequency spectrum by‭ ‬6‭ ‬producers from‭ ‬3‭ ‬countries in‭ ‬6‭ ‬generative movements.

Conceived and curated by Andrew Garton for KunstRadio.

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[ listen ] The Spectrum Wars

by Andrew Garton

Broadcast: 23.10.2005 (LIVE)

What is becoming of The People's Airwaves? Banned from broadcasting Nepalese journalists resort to loud speakers and an open-air studio. Conservation activists barred from community stations in Thailand, a free Frequency Movement is mooted in South Korea and digital broadcasting technologies threaten the viability of the community broadcasters in Australia. These are the Spectrum Wars.

[ listen ]

Radio Namings

by Warren Burt

Broadcast: 30.10.2005

Who was responsible for the allocation of the spectrum in Australia? Both government and non-government records related to radio spectra, documents and records, are found to be authorless. Who were these people in, say, the Post Master General’s department in the 1920s and 30s who actually made decisions about spectrum allocation? Whether they were forward thinkers, or simply time-servers covering their butts, Warren Burt believes their names should be known.

[ listen ]Drifting Rootstalk

by Jin Shan

Broadcast: 08.01.2006

Hangzhou, a developing city in south-east China. Within ten years the wet lands and grasses, trees and peasants, where imagination could sleep soundlessly, has been overcome by housing estates and skyscrapers. Armed with a Model:222-1, Chinese vacuum tube military radio, working within a frequency spectrum of 1.5-30MHZ, under the night air Jin Shan logs the urban proliferation, unaware of the rootstalks beneath the ground, recorded with no end in mind, naturally occuring rootstalks in sound, drifting silently.

[ listen ]The Crystal Remains of Dead Air Memories

by Ollie Olsen

Broadcast: 29.01.2006

A personal history or radio and its influence on Olsen's compositions. A crystal set radio is constructed and utilised to mark out a frequency map of transmissions within Elwood, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

[ listen ]Un, canny

by Liu, Pei-Wen

Broadcast: 12.02.2006

Taiwanese authorities have regulated to open the airwaves to FM and AM transmissions, however, between the licensed zones there are un-regulated broadcasts of uncanny content transmitting over long distances. A wild band receiver maps out the regulated zones whilst uncanny content seeds an acoustic space of timeless morphing.

[ listen ]The Evolution of the Radiosphere

by Steve Law

Broadcast: 05.03.2006

From the origins of the Universe to the harvesting of the spectrum by human society, the evolution of natural systems on Earth a metaphor for the expansion and proliferation of the electromagnetic spectrum.