Social Music II: Communities in Movement curated by Brandon LaBelle

The series is concerned with sound as a social material, and the ways in which listening may enable a dynamic sense of relationality. From voice and speech to the consonant and dissonant flows that punctuate being together, the series explores how sound contributes to the shaping of community. In particular, contributing artists will focus on elaborating sociality beyond the human world, to develop ways of approaching the more-than-human, ecologies of matter, and symbiotic assemblages. This includes forms of biohacking, experimental choreographies, bio_sonic_fictions, and more-than-acoustic ecologies.

The series is connected to the artistic research project Social Acoustics: Communities in Movement, which focuses on questions of listening and the poetics of community. Each broadcast will be produced by a collective of participating artists and theorists, and will relate to specific areas of work being developed from within the project.

The series marks the 20th anniversary of the first edition of Social Music produced by Kunstradio and curated by artist Brandon LaBelle.