Liquid Radio curated by Radio Tsonami (Fernando Godoy)

Electromagnetic waves are like invisible liquids scattered around the planet and the environment. Like water, electromagnetism is a force present in almost all the elements and phenomena that configure our existence, including our bodies, the earthly and the extraterrestrial bodies.

This analogy of flows, electromagnetic and aquatic, contains a superficial dimension and another invisible dimension: they are phenomena in many ways unknown and mysterious, which have been, in part, domesticated by man. They are present in every corner of life and matter, from the depths of the planet or the ocean to contemporary everyday life. They are part of a natural and cultural system that has learned to separate and control their transactions, even economically.

Throughout the world, water is an increasingly valuable and critical asset, it is one of the main current issues of the planet. At the same time communications and contemporary life generate invisible conflicts in the electromagnetic and radioelectric spectrum, which directly affect the bodies and life on earth: to the immense cluster of existing electromagnetic pollution, we must now add possible devastating effects of 5G technology , which could put the planetary life order at risk.

This radio series invites 5 Latin American artists to produce radio works from the reflection on the problems of water and its analogy with electromagnetic energies. Liquid Radio acts here as a symbol of a flow of natural forces mediated by culture, elements that have been determined in the development of planetary life and whose destiny is now a big question.