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Art's Birthday 2008 – Thursday, 17th January 2008

on line and on site: 8 pm to 12 pm CET (7 - 11 GMT)
at Studio 3, ORF Funkhaus, Argentinierstraße 30a, 1040 Vienna
on air: 11 pm to 12 pm CET (10 - 11 GMT) OE1 (FM; SW; MW)

Art's Birthday Party - course of events

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20:00alien productions: a tribute to E. C.
20:05Volkmar Klien - Netzrundschau

Volkmar Klien

Since Robert Filiou's 'Whispered Art History' we do know quite a bit about art's past, which - some say - might actually have been a bit more doubtful than is usually accepted. But anyway, maybe this really is another story. What Volkmar Klien is wondering about though is the future of art. Which, unfortunately, is not ours to see. Hence he concentrates on the explication of uncertainty pertaining to the times to come by re-arranging his gin bottle's song for a couple of synthetic and a couple of human sound devices ['que sera, sera'].
Not quite content with these achievements (respectable as they may be) he will monitor the global network for sign of art's birthday celebrations and funnel those into the local party in Vienna (crazy!).

Volkmar Klien works in various areas of the sonic arts; from electronica to interactive installations, from sonic interventions to orchestral compositions. Presentations of his work have included concerts and installations at festivals and institutions such as Ballett Frankfurt, Volksoper Wien, the Institute for Contemporary Art London, Musikverein Wien, the ZKM and the Huddersfield Festival of Contemporary Music.
Born in 1971 near Vienna he studied composition at the city's University of Music and Performing Arts and philosophy at the University of Vienna. 1997 - 2002 he spent in London working as a freelance artist, a research fellow at the Royal College of Arts and external lecturer at the London Institute. He gained a PhD in electroacoustic composition from City University London and currently holds a lectureship at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna.

20:30Musikarbeiterkapelle: Das Modell
20:35Elvira Fujii & Herbert Weixelbaum
21:00Musikarbeiterkapelle: Move it
21:05Max Mayerhofer & Ludwig Bekic
21:30Musikarbeiterkapelle: Can't get you out of my head
21:35Andrea Sodomka / Daniel Lercher
22:00Musikarbeiterkapelle: No Limit
22:05Rupert Huber / Volkmar Klien - Geschenkrundschau
22:30Ingo Leindecker & Doris Prlic
23:05Sendung – Signation / Robert Filliou "Whispered Art History"
23:06Moderation H. Jasbar / Hintergrund Volkmar Kliens Netzrundschau
23:09alien productions: a tribute to E. C.
23:14Herbert Weixelbaum
23:19Rupert Huber / Volkmar Klien - Geschenkrundschau
23:29Matthias Makowsky, Christian Friedrich, Robert Schwarz
23:39Musikarbeiterkapelle: Que Sera, sera
23:44Max Mayerhofer & Ludwig Bekic
23:49Andrea Sodomka / Daniel Lercher: indefinite field # 1
23:54Musikarbeiterkapelle: Around the World
Photo by: Matthias Makowsky