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In 2008 the Ars Acustica group is joining the international Art's Birthday Parties already for the 4th time. The members of the AA Group have invited radioartists to focus for Art's Birthday 2008: "Forever young" on thoughts and ideas on how pop-culture and pop-music can sound in the future. Most of the contributions take "Forever young" as a point of reference and will be broadcast within the framework of this year's EBU Ars Acustica Special Evening.

For this international event, the Ars Acustica Group has designed a way to organize the contents which are contributed as sound "presents". Via ISDN-lines or the Internet the contributions are collected at two main points, in Vienna (ORF) and Stockholm (SR), where they are sent to the two EBU satellite channels Ravel (R) and Verdi (V). Both satellite channels (R and V) offer “ready-to-broadcast” materials along with signature-tunes and broadcast-identifications.

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Schedule Channel RAVEL

Live Stream

19:05 – 19:30 Radio Belgrade (Live from Belgrade) 
19:30 – 20:00 Radio Grenouille live from
20:00 – 20:30 Slovak Radio (Live from Bratislava) 
20:30 – 21:00 Ward Weis live from
21:00 – 21:30 Czech Radio (Live from Prague)
21:30 – 22:00 ORF (Live from Vienna) 
22:00 – 22:30 SWR (Live from Baden-Baden) 
22:30 – 23:00 Western Front, Vancouver 

Schedule Channel VERDI

Live Stream

19:05 – 19:15 YLE (Live from Helsinki) 
19:15 – 19:45 DeutschlandRadio Kultur (Live from Berlin) 
19:45 – 20:15 RNE (Live from Madrid) 
20:15 – 20:35 SR (Live from Stockholm)
20:35 – 21:00 Radio Slovenia (Live from Ljubljana) 
21:00 – 21:15 RTBF (Live from Brussels) 
21:15 – 21:45 Croatian Radio (Live from Zagreb) 
21:45 – 22:15 VPRO (Live from Hilversum) 

22:15 – 22:25 SR (Live from Stockholm)

Dorit Chrysler: live performance for vocals, theremin and electronics

at the Modern Art Museum in Stockholm
(the broadcast will only be an excerpt from her live-performance in Stockholm)

Best known for her theremin style, composer/musician Dorit Chrysler also has a prolific recording and performing career as a vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, producer, and engineer. Making her professional vocal debut at Austria's Opera House Graz at the age of seven, Dorit went on to form her first rock band at thirteen and began working towards her Master's Degree in Music Science at eighteen. Moving to New York, she was fronting a number of notable bands, including New York rock quartet Halcion. Dorit has shared live bills with acts as diverse as Alex Hacke, Amon Toubin, Dinosaur Jr., Blonde Redhead, Marilyn Manson, Mercury Rev, Oingo Boingo and Echo and the Bunnymen. She has also collaborated and recorded with artists & producers such as Elliott Sharp, Matt Johnson (The The), Larry 7, Gordon Raphael (The Strokes), Rodelius (Cluster), Toby Dammit, Foetus, Ultra Vivid Scene, Martin Bisi & Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers).
As a regular at Joe McGinty's notorious Loser's Lounge review in New York, Dorit performed "Hey Cowboy" for her idol, the song's composer Lee Hazelwood. This highpoint of Dorit's career was topped off by Hazelwood's compliment that she sang it "better than Nancy (Sinatra)."
Embarking upon a solo career in 2000, Dorit has since performed in American and European venues ranging from notorious dives (CBGB) to concert halls (Disney Hall in LA & Vienna Konzerthaus) to famed music festivals (Roskilde, Ottawa Bluesfest, Phonotaktik). A typical concert features both popular and experimental compositions. Always showcasing her trademark vocal and theremin styles, Dorit also sometimes plays harmonium, harmonica, air-synth, and keyboard in her sets (Perhaps she will one day re-introduce the world to the guitar style that was praised in Guitar magazine?). Since 2005 she has toured Japan & Australia & played in Paris, London, Berlin, Belgrade, Stockholm, Prague, Bukarest, Vienna, Switzerland, Italy & New York.
*THERMINI-ELECTROPOP* After an assortment of film & video game soundtracks, compilations, and singles, Dorit released her first full-length SOLO recording featuring her Theremin in 2004. Produced, recorded, engineered, and performed by the artist herself, Best of Dorit Chrysler appeared earlier on Dorit's favorite label, Plag Dich Nicht Records. This Europe-only release hit the stores in August of 2004 and sold out of it's first pressing by October. In 2005 "TinyThrills" a special Collectors Edition, including VINYL, CD & MP3, featuring a joint collaboration with Gordon Raphael (The Strokes), has been released. In 2006 Dorit appeared in a collaboration with ELECTRIC INDIGO on the Chickson Speed "Girlmonster" Comp, on Monika Enterprise "4WomanNoCry" & composed scores for Jesper Just's work "A Viscious Undertow" & "It will all end in Tears", to be seen in the permanent collection of the Luisiana Museum in Copenhagen.
In addition to her solo career, Dorit has founded the New York Theremin Society and, together with the Issue Project Room, is co-curating the NY EXPERIMENTAL THEREMIN ORCHESTRA Series. She coproduced the"10-piece - THEREMIN ORCHESTRA" event, together with Steve Martin, the FIRST THEREMIN ORCHESTRA OF THE 21st CENTURY took the stage at Disney Hall in Los Angeles in front of a sold out house in May 2007, performing an exquisitely arranged repertoire of 20 minutes, followed by standing ovations from the audience. She recently completed five sound pieces for "1%", a permanent sound installation at the French Cultural Ministry in Paris and performed at the 2005 World Fair in Aichi, JAPAN.
22:25 – 22:55 RTE (Live from Dublin)