Belgrade - Radio Belgrade
Art's Birthday 2006: TransDADAexpress live from Belgrade

Arsenije Jovanovic is performing at one of the most unusual archeological locations in Belgrade, as in the whole country.
Jovanovic will perform in the Roman well, on the Kalemegdan Fortress, within the central city park, then in Studio 6 of Radio Belgrade, with the help of a music matrix, created with the numerous participants in Studio 10 of the Radio Belgrade Drama Department.
At the same time Arsenije Jovanovic works on an audio installation which is going to be performed for the first time (premiere) in the Roman well, in spring 2006.

Author of the project: Arsenije Jovanovic

Collaboration: Dragoljub Djuricic- voice and percussions Akash Bhatt – voice and percussions Radmila Urosevic and Natasa Vlaskovic – sopranos Vocal Quartet of the RTS Music Production – choir Veljko Nikolic – Papa Nik and Ensemble “ Institute” – wind instruments and percussions The Drama Studio for Children from the Radio Belgrade Drama Department – voices Ilinka Colic – violin Ljubomir Dimitrijevic – wind pipes Goran Grbic – trumpet Miomir Ristic – violoncello Sound engineers: Tomislav Peric, Zoran Maric, Slobodan Stankovic, Ljubisa Stankovic, Ljubinko Gordic, Zoran Jerkovic, Dragan Š?epanovi? Music producer – Srdjan Jacimovic, Predrag D.Stamenkovic Editor of the project, editor of the series “ Sound Workshop” and editor-in-chief of the Drama Department – Predrag D. Stamenkovic Euroradio coordinator and supervisor of the transmission – Zivan Mitrovic