KUNSTRADIO first appeared at the ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL in 1989 with a live interactive radio project. In 1995 Kunstradio presented Horizontal Radio during the Festival and, in 1996, RIVERS&BRIDGES. In 1997, the Ars Electronica Center was co-producer of "Recycling the Future", Kunstradio's 10th anniversary project.

ARS ACUSTICA International is the group of Ars Acustica experts formed in 1988 at the EBU Radio Drama Conference in Florence. Its members are editors and producers responsible for radio art productions in European, North American und Australian public broadcasting organisations. The AAI group has been involved in Horizontal Radio, Rivers&Bridges, Recycling the Future and Art's Birthday '04.

LADA is an acronym for L'arte dell'Ascolto, an annual sound festival in Rimini organised by Giardini Pensili. KUNSTRADIO has been a regular participant for many years. Giardini Pensili (Roberto Paci Dalò & Isabella Bordoni) has collaborated in many KUNSTRADIO productions and projects.
THE GREAT WEB CRASH is a multi-media fiction begun in 1996 by Beusch/Cassani on TNC Network. Beusch/Cassani have worked with KUNSTRADIO since 1988.
The Great Web Crash is a coproduction by: Kunstradio, Musée national des techniques Paris, Ars Electronica Center, TNC Network etc.
RADIO FRO, Linz, is active in the development of "real-time" network projects. Radio FRO was a major partner in "Recycling the Future" and collaborated in "ARS RADIO" for the Ars Electronica Festival'98
FIRST FLOOR ELECTRONIX in Linz and First Floor Eastside in Vancouver are active in the development of "real-time" network projects. First Floor participated in Recycling the Future.

AVATAR is the studio for sound projects at "MEDUSE" (Arts Center) in Quebéc City, Canada. AVATAR (Christof Migone & Jocelyn Robert) collaborated in "Horizontal Radio", "Rivers & Bridges" & "Recycling the Future"
TOY SATELLITE are a resource center in Melbourne Australia concentrating on AV and communications projects. TOY SATELLITE (and Andrew Garton) were major partners in "Recycling the Future". Future collaborations are in planning.