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Radiostation: SoundArt Festival Hannover

Producer: -

Artist: Andres Bosshard

Time of participation: 2.6.1995 - 24.6.1995

Andres Bosshard presents:

2.6.1995 - 24.6.1995

as contribution to the SoundArt Festival Hannover
on the little "Maschteich" in the Public Park, behind the New City Hall of Hannover

3 swimming Sound Boyes, each with a remote control answering machine
you can reach the swimming island any time under the following numbers

++49 551 168 54 00
++49 551 168 54 01
++49 551 168 54 77

your key to the electronic control is the
code 333 (touch tone phone necessary)
press key 3 for one second, wait one second, press key 3 for one second, wait one second, press key 3 for one second, wait one second.

now your phone keys control the following functions
2 = answering machine plays puplicly the last messages and received sound events
3 = answering machine plays puplicly all stored sounds and acoustic productions of
the visitors of the magnetic island
for further tape operations: 4 = << ; 5 = >; 6 = >>; 8 = stop.

remote listening:
push 8, release, push 1,

now your ear has entered the magnetic island, and you can listen on the lake and to
possible visitors on the other answering machines near bye.

remote speaking:
push 8, release, push *, release, push 1,

now your voice is heared on the island and you will be broadcast over the lake.

or just leave a massage on the tape, which can be played by the next visitor
thank you for your invisible presence on my magnetic island

the future city is a sound city !

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