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The rules of the game

The concept presented here envisages very simple and clear parameters to allow access in as many ways as possible.
A framework of a number of stations interconnected with one another on a technically advanced level (stereo broadcasting channels), serving as bases or docking stations for additional participating stations, which can be connected with a minimum of technical effort.

These docking stations also carry out the task of passing on and distributing the information circulating in the entire network: of routing. This means that each station does not have to establish direct contact to every other station in order to be connected to all of them.

A fundamental rule though is that only active participation (live) is to be allowed. Regardless of the technical means and for what length of time.

The following technologies are envisaged:

The different technical sound qualities resulting thereby are to become creative means as well as navigational aids. They also serve to acoustically identify the contributor.

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