MOCA/Sound Sculpture As, 1970

SOUND SCULPTURE AS, eine von Tom Marioni kuratierte Ausstellung mit Skulpturen/Aktionen von 9 Künstlern, war das zweite Event im von Tom Marioni neugegründeten und bis 1984 geleiteten Museum of Conceptual Art, MOCA, in San Francisco.

Mit Arbeiten von Arlo Acton, Allan Fish aka Tom Marioni, Terry Fox, Mel Henderson, Paul Kos, Peter Macan, Jim Melchert, Jim McCready, Herb Yarno.

Gesendet auf KPFA-FM

Sound Sculpture As was an exhibition of 9 sound sculpture/performances, initiated and curated by Tom Marioni. It was the second event at MOCA, the Museum of Conceptual Art, San Francisco. MOCA was initiated and realised "as a non profit corporation with paying memberships and a permanent collection" by Tom Marioni.

"Tom Marioni, its founder and director, could deal in an organic way with the relationships between people (of his own choosing), ideas (that he responded to), time (that he designated) and space (as the real reflection of history). It exemplified his credo: "What I am trying to do is make art that's as close to real life as I can without its being real life". (Suzanne Foley).

From 1972 through 1975 on Wednesday afternoons there was FREE BEER at MOCA, "The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends is the Highest Form of Art" (Allan Fish/Tom Marioni, 1970)The increasing rows of beer bottles lined up on shelves along the wall recorded the progression of this sculptural piece. In 1976 Wednesday afternoons bcame "Café Society" from two to four and moved downstairs to Breen's Bar.

"MOCA: The Museum of Conceptual Art (1970-1984) was a specialized museum for sculpture/action (performance) and site-specific works. Shows included SOUND SCULPTURE AS 1970, BODY WORKS 1970, Terry Fox 1970; Chris Burden 1971, COMEDY SONATAS 1971, ALL NIGHTSCULPTURES 1973, FREE BEER 1973, Vito Acconci 1975. I established the Archives of MOCA in 1990. Today a weekly ongoing salon, now called 'The Society of Independent Artists', continues (since 1973) every Wednesday evening in my studio in San Francisco". (T.M.2000)

In 1971 MOCA presented MOCA-FM, one-minute sound pieces by 25 artists, on radio.