Formed in the second half of the 80s, the band took the name ZeN in 1988 (meaning "woman" in Persian/ Ottoman Turkish, as well as standing for "the one who plays" -a musical instrument- when used as a suffix). The band played their own Blues and Punk based songs until 1989. In time they widened the improvised section and eventually giving up their compositions, turned to complete collective improvisations. ZeN played in various historical places such as Ottoman Castles and Byzantyne Cisters, some of the worst bars and the best concert halls of Istanbul.

Works: The first legimite ZeN album "Suda Balik" was first spoted by the German world music producer Birger Gesthuisen and highlighted and played over BBC after ZeN meeting the British DJ John Peel. "Derya" their second album was released in the USA on Father Yod-Ecstatic Peace label, with Sonic Youth´s Thurston Moore´s and Byron Coley´s supports. In 1998 ZeN released their third album "Tanbul" by which they turned to their traditional roots; Turkish rhytms and Turkish instruments such as saz, darbuka, def. June 23, 1998 ZeN played at Bakirkoy Mental Hospital. The concert was released as an album with the title "ZeN at the Bakirkoy Mental Hospital" in 1999.

ZeN are: Merih Öztaylan: Vocals, sampler * Levent Akman: Rythm machines, hand cymbals, percussion * Bill Macbeath: Double bass, bass guitar * Murat Ertel: Saz, guitar, vocals * Emre Onel: Darbuka, sampler, percussions * Cevdet Erek: Drums.

    Sendungen im ORF-Kunstradio

    18. 2. 2001: Karagöz