Tobias Van Veen

tobias van veen currently lives in Montréal, Quebec and is pursuing an MA in Communications at McGill, although he hails from the West Coast of Canada. He has been enmeshed with musikal resistance culture since 1993, djing techno and house, organising TAZ occupations and producing sound art & music. Mixing a passion for music, politics, and writing through his research as an academic and his musical-visual explorations, tobias works as a freelance multimedia photojournalist and plays as a conceptual artist. Sound, the Net, spaces, and people are part of his recent tactical media work as a guerilla situationist, with work on, and As of 2002, he is currently writing on the politics of anarcho-rave culture and the sounds of resistance, acting as the gonzo-journalist Montreal Correspondent for Butter and Capital magazines, and preparing work for Kuntsradio and Chronoplastics. He also writes for and He likes manual typewriters, minimalism, aural pleasure, black squares, espresso & ginnantonnix, and freeskiing.

Sendungen im Kunstradio:

06. 10. 2002: Reception Is Interception #4: "city-sound-a-sleep"