is one of the monickers of Catalin Matei, a Romanian sound-artist living in Bucharest. Sillyconductor’s main focus has always been on classical music and its relationship with mathematics: projects such as Ventichitara (a self­made improvisation instrument built out of USB fans), 100 Catronomes (a golden rendition of Ligeti’s Poeme Symphonique employing 100 Maneki­ Neko cats) or the Pianosaurus (a post-modern mechanical piano) explore the overlapping shapes between technology, classical music and humour. Recently he’s been working with artificial instinct generative structures in A/V domains, recording protests around Europe or collaborating with hyper-spectral music guru Iancu Dumitrescu.

Kunstradio Sendungen:

29. 04. 2018: Was Utopie ist?