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Grotte song or the underground voices

by Claire Serres

With the voices by Gérard Gorsse, François Villeneuve, Sandra Laborier, Delphine Dora, Esther Haller, Natalie Rubchenko, Necef Mengüverdi, Carlos Entringer, Rebecca Bremin, Daniel Pantaleoni, Sara Steinmoen, Odile Jacquot, Cécile Babiole, Gaëlle Coëffeur, Alice Quérel, Caroline Tricotelle, Corinne Castel, Marion Lacas, Véronique Guillien, Malika Lahcen

Grotte song or the under ground voices is a underground crossing, sung and sounded a cappella by a women's choir. The piece is inspired by medieval chansons de geste, between fable and sung poem, it tells the cave legend. The voices constitute the subterranean landscape, like the interior of an immense, vibrating and humid body.

Guttural, bony, blown and shouted voices inhabit this fantasized place, at the origin of our desires and our fears. We walk at a slow pace in the dark, along a deep and hoarse rale, attracted by the reassuring click of the water drops, the tongue slapping against the palate, close to the microphone. Then a voice crosses the cavity to our ears, powerful and sensual. To find our way back, we sing the ritornello, the one we have known since childhood:

  • This is the story I was told
  • It is possible that you know it
  • It happened in a cave
  • At the cave bottom she lived

  • In the cave she lived in peace
  • She saw no one no one saw her
  • No one had ever been there
  • It seemed that her look was killing

  • They always wanted to chase her away
  • They always wanted she never exist
  • All the time they condemned her
  • Of all the evils of all the sins

  • This is the story I was told
  • In the cave she lived in peace
  • In all times she was killed
  • Always she rose again
  • From her death life was reborn