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New Sounds by Ukrainian artists & musicians

Statement von Nick Acorne


What sense does art production make when there is war? When the place where you live is under attack and you lack the most basic necessities for survival? Do people still pick up their instruments? What do Ukrainian artists and musicians need in this situation? How can cultural institutions show their solidarity and offer support?

Such questions are discussed in cultural circles - and we in the Kunstradio editorial team are also thinking about them. For today's broadcast, composers, performers, artists, improv musicians and actors have provided brief audio pieces. These deal partly directly with the war in Ukraine, and partly indirectly, arising from a mood that was already there before the Russian invasion on February 24.

The authors of these eight pieces are located in Kharkiv, in Kyiev or in Western parts of Ukraine.

by Georgiy Potopalskiy & Andrei Pavlov (Violin)

“ZOV_A is dedicated to the unshakable will to freedom and fortitude, which we can now see with our own eyes on the example of the warriors - heroes of the defenders of Mariupol. The Azov steel plant is the last island of freedom sinking in the ocean filled with Zombies. They are doomed but they don't give up. "Before it's too late – knock your head against the ice."

In the composition ZOV_A, we used a poem by the Ukrainian poet, philosopher Oleh Lisheha in his author's reading. As well as recordings of folk singing (marriage). The violin was recorded in Kyiv on April 27, 2022.”

Text & Voice Oleh Lysheha - Song 551 (translated by JAMES BRASFIELD) Before it's too late – knock your head against the ice. Before it's too late Break through, look.. You will see a miraculous world.. It's quite another thing with a carp – It tends to plunge, Escaping to the lowest depths, Born to be caught, sooner or later.. But you are human, aren't you? – No one will catch you. Carp – they're a different sort – For centuries the dark Treacherous shoals have been sinking. When did our century begin rushing to catch them? Look – its fin caresses Their fins, it follows them, Slips away. You're alone? But you are human, aren't you? Don't worry, you'll break through.. Before it's too late – knock your head against the ice.. O miraculous, wide and snowy world!

Nova Realnist
by mariia&magdalyna feat krkrk (Kyiv, Ukraine)

mariia&magdalyna is a Ukrainian duo of Marusya and Nadiya, who have been working together for 9 years. During all this time they took part in more than 10 projects, were members of the social cabaret "TseSho", actresses of the Dakh theatre (Kyiv), and in 2020 launched a project of theatrical masses. Double bassist and electronic musician Kristina Kirik aka. krkrk joined the group on the mass "Human?.." and broadcast her feelings into sound.

by Stas Kononov (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

Stas is a professional guitar player and composer. For many years he was involved in various music projects in Ukraine. He was a member of such famous bands and music projects as 5nizza, Sergey Babkin, Orchester Che, Sophie Villy, Kooqla, My Rockets Up and many others. As composer he wrote music for various theater pieces, as well as composed music for films. Now he is active as a solo performer and composer and collaborates with different international artists.

by Maxim Trianov (Kharkiv/Mukachevo, Ukraine)

Maxim Trianov is a professional musician and multi-instrumentalist from Ukraine, actively working in genres of musical performance, new academic music, free improvisation, experimental electronics. Maxim’s music projects are very diverse - each new album is the continuation of the development of modern sound space, but still observes gravitation towards complex constructions and structures, hidden behind the external simplicity and minimalism of the musical canvas.

by KoRa (Kiew, Ukraine)

KoRa duet is a project launched by Dmytro Radzetskyi and Maxim Kolomiiets, who both work in the field of contemporary improvised music. Both musicians have different backgrounds and try to find the right balance between various genres and music styles, creating new unexpected sound models and mixtures. Searching for new sounds, rethinking the harmony concepts Dmytro and Maksym are in a continuous sound research project with their music improvisation sets. Duo uses acoustic and electronic music instruments, as also various household appliances and objects which provides them more freedom for their sound experiments.

right way
by THE AND (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

The And is a solo project of ukrainian actor and electronic musician Denis Chmelev, who was also co-founder of independent theater group “The Beautiful Flowers”.

by FREEBUTTREE (Kyiv, Ukraine)

FREEBUTTREE is a free-jazz surreal performative ensemble of those who love and know the jazz tradition but want to expand its boundaries.

  • Kristina Kirik - double bass
  • Yakiv Tsvietinskyi - flugelhorn
  • Misha Vasylenko - trumpet
  • Dima Kryshtal - trumpet
  • Sergiy Piskun - alto sax
  • Grigory Parshin - bari sax
  • Alina Zalozna - vocal
  • Anna Kozachenko - vocal
  • Vladyslav Grudnickyi - piano
  • Markian Krysa – drums

Journey to the End of the Night
by Alla Zagaykevich & Andrei Pavlov (Violin)

“The name of our track is borrowed from the famous French writer Louis Ferdinand Celine. That's what he called his novel about the First World War in 1932.
We created our track in Kyiv during the Russian military invasion of Ukraine in April-May 2022. Our "end of the night" - a cold dark dawn in February… red trail of a shot down rocket flying over our homes… explosions and sirens… eyes of unborn children of Buchia, Irpen, Gostomel… once again destroyed folklore of Chernobyl Polissya, broken museum with paintings by Maria Primachenko. Destroyed hiding place of Ukrainian futurism of the 1920s - "House Word" in Kharkiv… voices of defenders of Mariupol…”