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A Nomad’s Guide to Listening

by Budhaditya Chattopadhyay


The radio piece consists of two components, weaved together by a common thematic strand of migration, de-territorialisation, nature, and the lived environment. It starts with a performative reading from the artist’s recent book The Nomadic Listener - an augmented book on migration, contemporary urban experience, and sonic alienation. The book is composed of a series of texts stemming from psychogeographic explorations of major contemporary cities through situated writing and field recording.

Each text is an act of contemplative listening, where the author records his surrounding environment and attempts to attune to the sonic fluctuations of movement and the passing of events. What surfaces is a collection of meditations on the minutiae of life movingly interwoven with the author’s own memories, associations, desires and reflections. The performative reading draws up a tender map of contemporary urban experience, and the often lonely, surprising, and random interactions found in the quotidian. The radio piece ends with a sketch from Towards an Amicable End, a new work in progress. It is composed of field recordings of climate variables, radio interference translating environmental phenomena, and musical instruments in free improvisation, investigating human estrangement from nature and lived environment.


"The Nomadic Listener", Errant Bodies Press 2020
"The Nomadic Listener", Gruenrekorder