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Toxic Temple

by Kilian Jörg and Anna Lerchbaumer


Depleted soil, over-acidic seas, polluted atmospheres. People are haunted by what they have suppressed. They can no longer escape the toxic.

In their long-term art project “Toxic Temple”, Anna Lerchbaumer and Kilian Jörg approach the beauty of oil streaks, the grandeur of techno scrap, the sublimeness of radioactivity and the transcendence of extinction. Maybe our new gods will be smelly zombies. LET`S MEET AT THE END OF THE WORLD and let's dance in the ecstasy of poisoning!

Building on their previous research for their project “Toxic Temple”, the two young artists acoustically and poetically explore the connections between spirituality and toxicity.

Amid man-made catastrophes of planetary scale, humankind is able to record and document all events with technical devices. The climate collapse is increasingly difficult to grasp; it is portioned in easily consumable media nibbles, encoded in radio waves, binary codes and current pulse. Without knowing exactly what to do, the state of disaster is identified with abstract terms such as ‘planetary extinction’ and ‘global climate change. The numbers and data are at hand in abundance, but the sensual relation is usually missing.

An acoustic-spiritual excursion into various border areas of the electrified human world, which is leaving its marks on the strata of the earth.

Toxic Temple Ausstellung