Sonntag, 26. Juli 2020, 23:03 - 0:00, Ö1



Electric Cars and Electric Guitars - Radioversion

by Nerve Theory (Bernhard Loibner and Tom Sherman)


Nerve Theory (Tom Sherman & Bernhard Loibner) present their new collaborative piece: “Electric Cars and Electric Guitars” was originally created as a multi-channel-installation for TONSPUR passage at Vienna’s MuseumsQuartier. It is a sonic trip into a nearby future, where cars are navigated by autonomous artificial intelligence agents and the physical aspect of being transported from one point to another becomes radically different to now. For Kunstradio, Nerve Theory have produced an extended radio version in stereo.

“Their new work is an audio installation composed by Loibner for an 8-channel setup that centers around the script and narration of Sherman. The eponymous «electric guitars» are the first sounds we hear in this piece, and they do sound like dust and dirt, as Loibner apparently borrowed heavily from desert rock aesthetics. As the first chords strum along, Sherman's voice laconically introduces the piece. “Listen: Electric Cars and Electric Guitars.” And inevitably an image is evoked: one of a desert landscape, stretching left and right for kilometers; us sitting in a car; Sherman on the steering wheel, telling us about the journey we're about to undertake; us gazing out of the window while barren shrubbery and rocky peaks pass in the distance as we race down a straight highway. Loibner paints the landscape, Sherman drives us through.” (excerpt from a text by Clemens Hausch – for full version please click here)

Nerve Theory
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