Sonntag, 15. November 2020, 23:03 - 0:00, Ö1




by Colin Black


The future seems so far away ... but suddenly you are there as if a place is time. However, the cartography of this type of place is malleable and pliable: what happens in an instance doesn't happen in a lifetime, but when it happens to you, nothing will ever be the same again. The landscape around you dissolves and erupts, and just like Hansel's bread crumbs (in the famous German fairy tale), the pathway home to your past life vanishes. Shell shocked, you observe yourself as if you are someone else in this surreal world, and ever so slowly you find the strength to build a new life and identity on this emotional quicksand and barren topography of trauma.

With this new work, Colin Black explores and abstracts the theme residue, from which he creates a multi-faceted sound world from field recordings and musical composition. Notably, this new work contains almost no spoken words as listeners are invited to explore this sonic terrain with their imaginations wide open. 

As a companion to this work the artist has initiated a Facebook group called Trauma-Informed Expression : A Space to Share and Heal as a source of inspiration for this project. Moreover this group is also a focus point to connect with the wider community with the aim of offering the community a site of healing through these traumatic times. 

Produced by Colin Black
All Original Musical Compositions by Colin Black
Audio Engineer: Colin Black

Live Musicians:
Igor Ustavshchikov (Violin I)
Victoriya Shkit (Violin II)
Yaroslav Venger (Viola)
Dmytro Glushchenko (Cello)
Nataliya Kyrychevs’ka (Piano)
Dmytro Synenko (Marimba)
Myckola Tomasyshyn (Vibraphone)

Live musicians recorded and mixed at Lemma Recording Studio, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Sound Producer: Oleg Stuka
Audio Engineer: Oleg Tatavchuk
Musical Co-ordinator and Translator: Olga Ligus

This project has been assisted by the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council, it's arts funding and advisory body.

Trauma-Informed Expression: A Space to Share and Heal