Sonntag, 06. September 2020, 23:03 - 0:00, Ö1



- a radiomix based on a livestream from four countries

by Zahra Mani

Austria: Mia Zabelka - E-Violin, Live Electronic, Voice
Hungary: Tibor Szemzö - Flute, Samples, Voice
Italy: Roberto Paci Dalò - Clarinet, Live Electronic
Kroatien: Zahra Mani - Contrabass, E-Guitar, Field-recordings, Voicesamples


Sound and radio waves have the potencial of power on many levels: artistic, communicative, rebellious; they are medium and expression of manifold layers of meaning. In the Corona crisis, the four musicians joined into a live quartet on the radio via Internet stream from their studios in Austria, Hungary, Italy and Croatia. The acoustic exchange of music, language and sound was the base for a joint radio performance from a distance. 

On the initiative of the Styrian GKP (Gesellschaft für Kulturpolitik) the artists streamed simultaneously from their studios on Friday, May 22, 2020 and could be heard live on the radio of the University of San Marino USMARADIO.ORG. In addition, "News from Radio Yerevan" could also be heard in real time via Radio Helsinki Graz and Radio Agora Leutschach & Klagenfurt.
The title refers to Radio Yerevan, a fictional radio station that for years answered a series of audience questions behind the so-called iron curtain (Radio Yerevan was asked.....Radio Yerevan answered......), the answers were characterized by humor, cynicism and absurdity as a reflection on the lies and hypocrisy of a communication culture that is now emerging as the forerunner of today's fake news.

For her radio art remix, sound artist Zahra Mani has taken the live quartet recordings to the next creative step, exploring acoustic materials, their manipulation, meaning, application and aesthetics.

In "News from Radio Yerevan revisited", the layers of sounds, the merging and summing of the individual voices into a new overall sound are deconstructed and reconstructed, spatialized, filtered, transformed. The result is a dynamic, spatial radio piece that explores power and manipulation as well as dialogue and exchange.

Steirische Gesellschaft für Kulturpolitik
Radio Agora
Radio Helsinki