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“From C to A”
by Arsenije Jovanovic


“From C to A” is based on early recordings of a girl's voice and early speech, from the day she was born, to her adult age.

It features Arsenije Jovanovic’s daughter Ana from the day she was born through to her adulthood. The first recording was made where she was born, in Chioggia on the Laguna di Venezia. It was recorded one day after Ana was born. Only a kind of heavy breathing is audible, the very beginning of a life—which Jovanovic heard as a kind of suffering pain at the beginning of this life. Then the first cry, the first laugh and what usually comes in the days after a baby is born. The last recording was made recently, in the middle of February 2018 at the ORF studios, when Ana was already 19 years old.

In the initial phase she was followed around by a microphone whenever possible, recording the progress of the miracle of emergent human speech. The original audio recordings provide documentation of evolving human speech, one of the most fascinating phenomena in human development. However I did not dogmatically adhere to a purely documentary style at all times.
In its most basic phase, recording the progress of the miracle of human speech, she was followed by a microphone, as much as possible.
(Human speech being one of the most fascinating phenomena of human evolution.)

The original audio recordings represent an inevitable documentary, however the author, did not strictly maintain a pure documentary genre at all times. In some sequences, he added musical touches to the original recordings. Human speech, be it in any language, is a kind of music anyway, just as the very music is a kind of language.
Arsenije Jovanovic has been TONSPUR-Artist-in-Residence at Q21/MQ in February 2018.
Tonspur 77 Soundinstallation „THE ART OF SPEECH (FOR ANA)“ by Arsenije Jovanovic was installed from February 25th until May 26th at TONSPUR_passage at Q21/MQ in Vienna.

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