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Bild: Andrea Resner, basierend auf einem Foto von Raphael Reichelt

Studio Frankenstein

by students of the University for Applied Arts:
Rosie Benn, Jasjote Grewal, Lukas Gritzner, Natalia Gurova, Daniel Hüttler, Ekaterina Kostova, Monica LoCascio, Eirik Melstrøm, Benjamin Nelson, Pia Plankensteiner, Irene Reichart, Raphael Reichl, Andrea Resner, CarMiña Tarilonte Ro.

Concept and production by Ralo Mayer
in the framework of a course at the Department of Site-Specific Art.

PLAY Teil 1

PLAY Teil 2

A scream cuts through the night. It also cuts the curtain between nature and culture. But it’s not the monster that screams–it’s the horrified creators. “I have just found a body.”

200 years ago Mary Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein“ was published – perhaps the first modern myth. Ever since, the story of Victor F. and his monster has haunted our imagination and informed discussions about artificial life and the relationships of nature, technology, and society.

A key moment in the story describes the monster hiding in a small dark room, where it listens to voices and sounds, and observes human behaviour. The monster is recording.

Welcome to Studio Frankenstein.

Within a course at the Department of Site-Specific Art students have produced a radio show, patched together like the monster itself. The individual sound pieces approach contemporary themes and questions of ecology, gender, or identity. Like chapters of a monstrous novel, the pieces vary in content, style and narrative perspective.
The experiment is framed by an expedition into the perpetual ice of Vienna’s 3rd district. While Shelley’s novel starts and ends in the Arctic, Studio Frankenstein has set up its base-camp in an industrial cold storage facility near Vienna’s former slaughter houses.


Natalia Gurova - Wer ist Frankenstein? 01:58

Freezer Intro
Andrea Resner - Love Letter 02:31
Irene Reichart - My hairy womb 03:54
Daniel Hüttler - hmstn1,7 01:00
Pia Plankensteiner - Du musst das Monster nicht visualisieren, es ist schon längst da 01:20

Freezer #2 Eirik Melstrøm - Recreation #5 06:22
Benjamin Nelson - Moth 04:22
CarMiña Tarilonte - Ro. Amarteur 1 05:52
Monica LoCascio & Jasjote Grewal - Everyday monsters 03:14

Freezer #3
Daniel Hüttler - hmstn1,7 04:00
Raphael Reichl - Oscurasia H16 03:48
Lukas Gritzner - Untitled 04:26

Freezer #4
Rosie Benn Brexit - Monster 05:11
Ekaterina Kostova - „Frankie is Born“ 00:47

About "Studio Frankenstein"
Statements by Ralo Mayer, Benjamin Nelson, Carmiña Tarilonte