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The radio piece, created during Roberto Paci Dalò’s residency at TONSPUR - Q21/ MQ MuseumsQuartier Wien in July 2017, is dedicated to Robert Adrian X (1935-2015) a pioneer in art and telecommunications. The Canadian artist lived in Vienna since 1972, and his contribution to the art world has been witnessed by a large retrospective at Kunsthalle Wien back in 2001. Adrian has been awarded in 1993 with the „Preis der Stadt Wien“ and in 2009 with the Nam June Paik Art Center Prize.
Robert Adrian was an important influence for Ö1 Kunstradio.

Through more than two decades Adrian and Paci Dalò shared a close friendship, also working together on several projects including a film Paci Dalò created especially for Adrian's major retrospective. The two used to sit in Adrian's studio in the Wiedner Hauptstraße and share long night talks, discussing passionately about art, radio, transmission, technologies, web, surveillance, sound, warfare, and conflicts.

In LONG NIGHT TALKS. FOR ROBERT ADRIAN, Roberto Paci Dalò worked on Adrian's voice using it as a main material for the piece. The listeners will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the grain of the voice together with field recordings, instrumental and electronic sounds. A journey into fascinating times and experiences which are part of our lives.

A daily journal of Paci Dalò's residency at Q21 / MuseumsQuartier Wien (images, texts, sounds) is online at: The 8-channel-version of LONG NIGHT TALKS. FOR ROBERT ADRIAN including a series of seven images is on show at the TONSPUR_passage in Vienna’s MuseumsQuartier until 25th November 2017. The opening takes place on 30th July 2017 at 5pm, a few hours prior to the Kunstradio broadcast of the radiowork of this project.

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Idea, composition, bass clarinet, clarinet, electronics: Roberto Paci Dalò
Voice: Robert Adrian
Alto clarinet: Susanna Gartmayer
Guitar and electronics: Christian Fennesz
Piano and elektronics: Robert Lippok

In collaboration with Giardini Pensili

In Memoriam Robert Adrian (1935 – 2015)
Roberto Paci Dalò Online Tagebuch
RAX (2001) by Roberto Paci Dalò
Giardini Pensili