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IMAfiction #3: Heidi Grundmann, Image: Edith Schild

30 years of Ö1 Kunstradio

1) I'll see you again in 30 years by Roberto Paci Dalò
2) Nicht nur im Kopf by Sarah Washington
3) Phonophantom by Zahra Mani

I'll see you again in 30 years
by Roberto Paci Dalò


Everything began on December 3rd, 1987 when the very first Kunstradio went on-air. That night was daytime for me. I was in California during my first trip to the States. My neighbour was Neil Young and his cows where knocking every morning at my door at the Djerassi Fondation ranch. I was totally involved in my exploration of the New World while that December 3rd Heidi Grundmann pronounced for the first time the magical word: “Kunstradio”.

Through I'll see you again in 30 years I explore her voice from that night. As database I use the original program (which was dedicated partly to John Cage whom I would meet for the first time exactly during that journey on January 1st, 1988 at his loft on the 18th Street) in conjunction with the sound from a film I made in 2007: “IMA Fiction #03 Heidi Grundmann”. A portrait commissioned by the IMA Institut für Medienarchäologie and filmed on location in Vienna, Vancouver and the Hornby Island (British Columbia).

In this film Heidi speaks for the first time about her private life, how she began working with the ORF and several utterly interesting reflections about the 70s.

I combine those two sources together with electronics (modular synth) using her voice in certain points as pure acoustical – abstract – materials.

My first meeting with Kunstradio happened a year later while I was performing at Ars Electronica Festival presenting the staged concert “Terre Separate Terre Unite” dedicated to Henry D. Thoreau and produced by Giardini Pensili.

The morning after the performance I was having breakfast at the Brucknerhaus' cafeteria when Heidi introduced herself and shared with me a cup of coffee. In her opinion the work she saw and heard the night before was very radiophonic that's why she thought about the production of an original radiowork to be entirely created in Vienna at the ORF.

Few months later I found myself in the Funkhaus' studio together with Gerhard Wieser and Isabella Bordoni composing and recording “Segnali radio sulla costa atlantica”. In that piece I used soundscapes collected with a cassette recorder in Dublin (1984), Jerusalem (1988), and Rimini (1985-1989). The first broadcasting was on January 26, 1989.

I had no idea that that kind invitation was the beginning of a true maelstrom which brought me to Vienna continuously throughout almost three decades. The Wiednerhauptstraße and the Argentienierstraße in the 4. Bezirk became for me very familiar and important places.

The continuous exchange of ideas, thoughts, passionate discussions (and fights of course), laughs and tears with Heidi Grundmann and Bob Adrian, strongly shaped my life and my involvement with radio and media. I'm more then grateful for all the time and things we shared.

– Roberto Paci Dalò

Nicht nur im Kopf
by Sarah Washington


The waves come in and the waves go out. The body on the shore takes a deep breath, its voice sets sail on the wind.

On this important anniversary of the seminal radio art programme Kunstradio, using her voice as the material of art, Mobile Radio offer a homage to founder Heidi Grundmann who has inspired the development of a healthy contemporary scene of experimental radio practice over the past 30 years.

Featuring material of the portrait IMAfiction #3 Heidi Grundmann by Roberto Paci Dalò and interviews recorded by Anna Soucek, performed by Sarah Washington & Knut Aufermann.

by Zahra Mani


is composed using field recordings and natural and instrumental sounds as well as bass guitar and live electronics.

The piece uses disembodied sounds and voices to transform the listening space into subtle and explosive soundscapes which are complimented in the live version by Elise Passavant’s visuals that she developed specifically for Phonophantom.

In an acoustic response to the European reaction to the refugees who arrived in 2015, the piece focusses on exile and alienation in an artistic treatment of migration, the need to flee, uprootedness and fear. Transformed excerpts of texts by Pasolini, Bachmann and Rilke flicker through the sonic space in a prcoess where language, sound and imagery are transformed into an hynotic and pulsing flow of sensory expression.

Phonophantom premiered in Vienna in 2015 at the Konzerthaus. Zahra Mani received the Austrian cultural ministry’s “outstanding artist award for composition 2017” for the piece.

Ö1 Kunstradio 03.12.1987
Heidi Grundmann
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