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Bio-electric Radio
by absolute value of noise

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"Bio-electric Radio" is conceived as an outdoor sound installation. The piece imagines a world where electronics and living plants have merged and hybridized into "living circuits." These circuits make sounds and broadcast them to the world using long antennas made of vines. The sound is made up of recordings of individual bees (honey bees, bumble bees, miners, leaf-cutters, and unidentified varieties) mixed with tones and sound artifacts from bio-electric synthesizer modules (modules that use parts of the plant within their circuitry).

The virtual bees inhabit the radio-waves like ghosts that sing along with the sounds of the plants themselves.

The piece explores ideas and research around the electro-chemical relationship between bees and plants. It delves into the "bioelectric" theories of Georges Lakhovsky (1869-1942), and it develops the artist's interests in radio, electronics, and bringing attention to phenomena that are typically invisible, or overlooked, within our environment.

Georges Lakhovsky