Sunday, 10. April 2015, 23:03 - 1:00, Ö1




by Jacques Foschia

sound PLAY

"Monostasis is widely inspired by an accidental event which occurred some years ago. Due to a technical problem, a radio station transmitter was on but unable to broadcast the informational content. This unexpected and unintended failure, however, offered a result unheard of: a weightless and continuous wave. It was slightly disrupted by subtles magnetic field variations suggesting a vibrant landscape of pure beauty and absolute freedom that no speech came to interrupt.

In this piece, I intended to reproduce this setup in a smaller space. By using a specific device in a closed room, the magnetic field got impacted by my body movements in the transmitter area. Two microphones were used separately for the recording, one for the treble big bell output, the other one for the subbox.”

Cyrille Flament: recording and technical output device
D&D spector studiao (Brussels): sound engineering/mastering