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El Radio or the acoustic radius of an environment
by Elisabeth Schimana - LIVE!

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On my trip through Mexico from city to city I define the place where I live to the central point of action. From there I am searching the acoustic radius of the environment for moments of difference in a global consonance of noiseness.

Mexico D.F., Calle Lucerna – close trucks, singing deliveryman
Oaxaca Juarez, Hotel Dainzu – close city, parades
Oaxaca Juarez, Calle Jupiter – distant city, storm
San Luis Potosi, Hotel Panorama – close and distant church bells
Morelia, Haus Eva – close city, distant train
Mexico D.F., Pennsylvania – close planes, singing deliveryman

and music, music, music - on the streets...

(Elisabeth Schimana, December 2015)