31. Oktober 1996



"L'Arte dell' Ascolto"

All'inaugurazione un progetto dedicato a Federico Fellini in onda live in nazionale su
ORF Kunstradio (Austria) attraverso collegamento diretto ISDN Rimini - Vienna.


"FFF : Fone' Federico Fellini"

with Sergio Messina and Roberto Paci Dalo' (samplers)

The piece is based on recordings of Fellini's voice sampled and controlled live in performance with several devices and interfaces.

It's amazing the sound of this voice which somehow doesn't fit to the aspect of the director. He was a tall strong man with a thin and gentle voice. This voice seems disconnected from the body. And - even after an entire life spent in Rome - it keeps the accent of his home town: Rimini.

Recordings come from conversations he had with people like Marcello Mastroianni and Oreste Del Buono. Conversations about for instance the cuts he made during the preparation of his films. The scenes never saw by the public which are popolated by many unknown actors. Fellini used - like Pierpaolo Pasolini - to work with non professionals actors. He was mainly looking for the right face, the right body, not the actorial skill.

And he considers in his work - and the cinema in general - the importance of image and sound. More as the text, the words.

For the ones who understand a bit of italian this catalogue of sampled sentences is like a little book which reveals a lot of Fellini's idea about life and cinema. At the same art piece and little 'essay'.

Sergio Messina and RPD are both involved since longtime in sampling activities and they both have an attention for 'popular music'. This piece about the director should be danced as well, through the use of rhythms and patterns which belong to dance floor stuff.

The 'fff' in the title reminds also to musical notation: 'fortissimo' (loud) and is a game once more with with this delicate voice.

The piece has the patronage of the official 'Association Federico Fellini' which is organizing in Rimini the materials of the director and his complete archive and library. Same day of the performance, will be presented a on-line book about Fellini written by cinema critic Tullio Kezich. This book is hosted - together with all the LADA96 site - at: http://www.giardini.sm

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