"S.O.S." - Hörwerk Nr. 6


von Barry Bermange

"S.O.S." is the first acoustic work in Bermanges acclaimed second Tetralogy "Inventions of Engagement." one work from which ("warcries") won him his first Karl-Sczuka-Preis.

Barry Bermange realised the enclosed 1979 production in the studios of W.D.R. It incorporates material from an earlier production he made for the BBC. (He has in fact made 3 productions of "S.0.S." to date).

"S.0.S." is primarily concerned with the communication process. In this case between ships in distress. The work conveys a powerful metaphor of communication breakdown. For his productions, Bermange used his own personally-recorded O-ton material which he made from ship-to-shore broadcasts on the English coast. The bilingual element (German/English) adds an important dramatic element to this unique production'. . The 2 languages seek but fail to make contact in the dark musico-world of electronic sound communication.