Das "Hammer-Konzert"
von der ungarischen Künstler-Gruppe "Indigo"

Ein Telephon-Konzert zwischen, Budapest <> Wien <> Berlin ... April 1983

REPORT from BUDAPEST by Julia Galántai ...

Some information about Hungary's programme:
On the telephone concert at the Artpool Studio (Julia and Gyorgy Galántai) there were about 40-50 artists present, among them Miklös Erdély and his INDIGO Art Group; János Vetö and Laszlo Kiss from the Trabant Group; Sandor Czakö from the VHK / Rasende Leichenbeschauer / group etc.

One part of the 1 hour programme had been previously recorded on tape / as a concert with several groups and all the instruments couldn't be done at our 3rd floor studio. This was the following:

- Artpool's steps
- Bizottsag / the committee group /: nothing is happening to me, darling.
- Mihaly VIG: The coward soviet man doesn't speak about politics.
- Vetö-Zuzu: music for the opening of the exhibition "New flags, new winds"
- Europa Kiado / Europe to rent or Europe Publishing House /: The empire hits back / or ripostes --- titel of an american film, I don't know the English original.
- Jurij Kozmos: Tango
- Peter Mery: Erzsike / little Elisabeth
- Trabant: In ballet shoes and in disguise -Mortar and pail

Between the recorded pieces the INDIGO Group made some minutes of live concert using hammers, bars, boards, a pair of scales etc. and the public accompanied them singing. On the 30 minutes common concert with Berlin everyone participated using "instruments" found in our studio. Technically we arranged so that we could speak and send music and receive music at the same time. We used a tape recorder, a mixer, an amplifier, a microphone and 3 loudspeakers. For a good quality sending we isolated the telephone's microphone and one loudspeaker-which emitted only what we were sending-in this way we also avoided the reverberations.
In the main hall, where the public was, from one loudspeaker one could listen to what you were sending, from the other we could hear what we were saying.
During the concert here, everyone was very enthusiast and I think it was in fact an event or a happening as all the public participated, it really was a common concert-not like in Vienna or in Berlin where there were groups and there was an audience-here people felt to belong to an universal culture where one could communicate with the help of art or music. It was a very nice utopistic feeling.

Julia Galántai,
Budapest, 1983

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